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Guarantee the best experience for your end user. We make your business applications more reliable, faster and more responsive than ever before. APMs, CDNs, sales funnels, performance & AI monitoring are our means to achieve this goal. Continuous tweaks and fixes by our team make it comfortable and efficient for your team to work. 

With Evolane as your partner in digital evolution, you can count on an enhanced experience not only for your customers but also for the operational functioning of your organization. Together, we are working toward a future where technology moves your business forward, puts your goals within reach, and where every interaction counts. Let’s start this journey together! Only need help with a short-term project? Or do you prefer a continuous partnership? No problem. Our team is ready for you!

Across the full stack

Digital Supply Chain Monitoring

Gain digital insights, improve your business resilience and optimize customer experiences

Cloud & Infrastructure Monitoring

Cloud & Infrastructure Monitoring is a strategy for ensuring a robust IT infrastructure. Our monitoring platform aggregates all your data and includes limitless observation capabilities, both in the Cloud and in a hybrid environment. It enables you to detect incidents quickly while ensuring productivity and an improved experience for your team. Moreover, it provides scalability, essential for the growth and development of your organization.

Application Performance Monitoring

APM is a process that monitors the performance and functionality of your software applications by collecting real-time data on their operation. It identifies bottlenecks and errors, allowing you to respond quickly to errors. This helps optimize the user experience. By applying APM to both simple and complex IT environments, business-critical applications not only become efficient and reliable, but also improve overall IT operations, which is essential for a seamless digital experience.

Log Monitoring

With Log Monitoring, you collect, analyze and manage log files from your computer systems, networks and applications. This approach is essential to proactively identify and prevent problems, security risks and system failures. Through in-depth analysis of your log data, you can take timely action. This results in more efficient and secure management of your IT systems, allowing you to maintain control and minimize risks.

User Experience

We put your customers first. Through fast website and app performance, we effortlessly transform your end users into satisfied and loyal visitors. With Real User Monitoring, we analyze transactions to pinpoint exactly where things are going wrong. We do this by monitoring stack traces, JavaScript error messages and user actions.

Business Monitoring

To measure is to know! Business monitoring is all about improving your business performance through the use of data analytics. We collect and analyze data from all levels of your organization to give you a clear understanding of your business operations. This process not only helps you efficiently handle large volumes of data, but also acts as a strategic compass on your way to optimal conversion.

Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring is your shield against cyber threats. We continuously scan for vulnerabilities across all layers of your applications, analyze logs for unusual activity and ensure regulatory compliance. Our real-time monitoring and integrated security tools ensure rapid incident response and proactive protection. This is how we minimize risk and keep your network safe and secure.

For the digital growth of your business

Digital Experience & Acceleration 

Broaden and accelerate your digital reach while optimizing your applications and APIs.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

In our dynamic, rapidly changing digital world, delivering great streaming experiences to large audiences is often a challenge. With our CDN solution, you bring your business to 95% of all Internet users in one network leap with a 100% availability guarantee. This way you reliably bring your online experiences closer to your target audience via any device.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing transforms the way data is processed and delivered by putting your code at the edge of the Internet. With this strategy, you bring applications and services closer to end users, resulting in significantly lower latency and improved performance. This reliable and scalable approach increases speed and security, making your applications not only more efficient but also more user-friendly.

Waiting Room

Virtual waiting rooms offer an effective solution for managing peak traffic on your websites and applications. They act as a safety net against overload and guarantee smooth performance even during busy periods. By placing visitors in an organized queue, they ensure fair access and continuous availability of business applications.

Media Delivery

Media delivery is a technology that delivers great streaming experiences to a wide audience, on any device. It ensures the fast and reliable distribution of digital content, such as videos and music, giving users a seamless viewing experience regardless of their location or device. Placing content close to the end user ensures fast load times and increases streaming quality. All of this is crucial to meeting audience expectations.

Continuous quality checks


Bring quality software development, outstanding operations projects and quality assessment together


If you need a DevOps specialist, we are ready to support your team. We are experts in strengthening communication, collaboration and integration, essential for DevOps. With deep knowledge of tools such as Bitbucket, SourceTree and Keptn, we are able to take your IT processes to the next level.


By combining streamlined communication and collaboration with advanced incident management solutions, we accelerate planning and problem resolution. This leads to well-organized teams, where rapid response and effective knowledge sharing are crucial. Our approach includes digital workspaces and best-practice templates, which are fundamental for smooth adaptation to unexpected situations. This methodology results in a structured process that not only improves workflow, but also significantly increases responsiveness.

Application Testing

In application testing, we check the functionality, security and usability of web applications through iterative and continuous testing. We check compatibility, identify and resolve specific errors, such as non-working screens or error messages, using manual and semi-automatic tests. This ensures smooth operation of both the front- and back-end, resulting in a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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