With the most comprehensive Chaos Engineering platform on the market, Gremlin helps companies around the world test the resilience of their increasingly complex environments. For example, it wants to drastically reduce unavailability or down time and negative user experiences. Watch here how they put these beautiful words into practice!

A resilient, reliable IT environment

Discover how Gremlin can provide your organization with resilience

Increasing complexity

IT landscapes and applications are becoming increasingly complex. The use of microservices and the embrace of cloud technologies, among other evolutions, mean that IT environments and applications currently look completely different than, say, 10 years ago. This also requires an adjustment to the existing test strategy.

Evolving test strategy

Where in the past the emphasis was on testing the application itself, additional aspects now have to be tested to guarantee optimal operation. Evolane helps companies test application dependencies, sizing and scalability of resources and much more via the Gremlin platform. Your IT environment, even more reliable!

Controlled chaos

Gremlin’s platform enables companies to conduct chaos experiments in a controlled manner to proactively simulate real-world threats. The impact on the applications can be extensively tested on the basis of individual attacks, scenarios and GameDays. The results can be consulted via dashboards and there is always traceability of the experiments performed.

Gremlin Attack Library

The most comprehensive Chaos Engineering platform on the market

  • Wide range of Chaos experiments in 3 categories: Resource, Status and Network.
  • Scenarios combine different experiments to simulate real-world events.
  • Experiments are quickly stopped in case of problems.
  • Ability to revert to stable state if needed.
  • GameDay facilities to focus on specific Chaos experiments within certain timeframes.
  • Comprehensive automatic service discovery to quickly test specific services and dependencies.
  • Prevent customer loss due to a bad user experience or malfunctions.

Reseller Partnership

Global technology, local expertise

Gremlin’s intuitive Chaos Engineering platform is backed by Evolane’s unparalleled customer service, analytics and expertise. Our fully Gremlin-certified employees integrate Chaos Engineering into the day-to-day operation of your company. More complex issues? Thanks to our partnership, we can always rely on the Gremlin technical team for additional support.

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