Optimize, globalize, accelerate


Guarantee the best experience for your end user. We make your business applications more reliable, faster and more responsive than ever before. APMs, CDNs, sales funnels, performance & AI monitoring are our means to achieve this goal. Continuous tweaks and fixes by our team make it comfortable and efficient for your team to work. Only need help with a short-term project? Or do you prefer a continuous partnership? No problem. Our team is ready for you!

Across the full stack

Monitoring & Observability

Gain digital insights, improve your business resilience and optimize customer experiences

Cloud & Infrastructure

Observe first, then act. Our monitoring platform bundles all your data and contains limitless observation possibilities, both in the Cloud and in hybrid environments. Auto-discovery of hosts, VMs, containers, networks, devices, logs and events: these are just a few examples. Incidents can be followed up quickly via the platform. Productivity for your team and scalability for your organization guaranteed!

Application Monitoring

Tired of switching between numerous tools? We help you with one solution that monitors your applications, performance and infrastructure as well as AIOps. With dynamic microservices, high fidelity data for every transaction and hybrid support services as a key ingredient of your monitoring strategy, you provide every team with the right answers.

Customer Experience

Your customers come first. Thanks to beautiful HD quality, optimal speed of your website and apps, visuals and state-of-the-art media services, we effortlessly transform your end users into satisfied and loyal visitors. In addition, we replay transactions with Real User Monitoring to discover where things go wrong. Stack traces, JavaScript error messages and user actions are monitored to pinpoint exact causes.

Business Analytics

To measure is to know! To achieve better business results and gain clear data insights into your organization, we use automated full stack data analyses. These insights lead you like a compass towards the optimal conversion.

For the digital growth of your business

Scalable Apps & APIs

Expand and accelerate while offloading apps & APIs


In our dynamic, fast-paced world, delivering great streaming experiences to large audiences is often a challenge. With our CDN solution you can bring your business to 95% of all internet users in one network jump with a 100% availability guarantee. This way you reliably bring your online experiences closer to your target audience through any device!

Edge Computing

When you travel by plane, don’t you go through security first? Our Edge Computing uses the same principle! We place your code at the edge of the internet on Akamai’s ‘Edge Network’. This way you are only one jump away from an Akamai server and much closer to the end user. A reliable and scalable solution with unparalleled digital experiences as a result.

Waiting Room

Virtual waiting rooms give you back control over the performance of your website during peaks in your web traffic. The solution acts as a safety net that ensures that your website or application does not crash by continuously monitoring the traffic of your website and app traffic. This way we guarantee the availability of your business application and a great user experience.

Our preferred performance partners

Our preferred partners Akamai
Our preferred partners Dynatrace
Our preferred partners Contentsquare
Our preferred partners Splunk