Content Delivery Solutions

By relying on the agility and scale of Akamai’s Intelligent Edge, you can create extraordinary digital experiences and deliver them seamlessly. Akamai CDN (Content Delivery Network) offers powerful infrastructure and optimisation features that ensure your digital content is delivered quickly and reliably. So you can count on a seamless user experience, regardless of your audience’s peak times or geographical locations.

Content Delivery Solutions Akamai

App & API Performance

Attract customers with fast, engaging app & API performance, enhanced by robust data and automation.

API Acceleration

Optimize API performance and availability while enhancing user experiences.

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Stress test your websites and apps with robust, real-time load testing.

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Get an inside look at CDN performance with log data at scale.

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Global Traffic Management

Optimize app performance and avoid outages with intelligent load balancing.

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Image & Video Manager

Automatically optimize and enhance visual media for every user, on any device.

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Deliver fast, engaging, and reliable user experiences on your sites and apps.

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Capture user experience data. Optimize website performance. Measure ROI.

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Media Delivery

Deliver consistently great streaming experiences to the largest audience, at any time and on any device. With Akamai CDN, you can be sure that streaming services meet the expectations of your viewers, offering seamless playback, exceptional video quality, and minimal buffering, regardless of the viewers’ location or the device they are using.

Adaptive Media Delivery

Deliver consistent, high-quality online video securely at massive scale.

Cloud Wrapper

Save on costs and improve origin offload with a private cache footprint.

Dedicated Delivery

Offer superior live experiences with high-performance on-net edge delivery.

Download Delivery

Deliver large file downloads flawlessly, every time, at global scale.

Media Analytics

Analyze video delivery performance, viewer engagement, and audience behavior.

Media Services Live

Deliver a broadcast-quality experience to live-streaming viewers.


Store and protect content with the most globally distributed cloud storage.