Dynatrace Application Security

Enable DevSecOps to operate at scale by utilizing a distinctive approach that combines intelligent automation with securing cloud-native applications at runtime.

Dynatrace Application Security

Modern cloud application security done right

Runtime vulnerability analysis

By utilizing runtime context to accurately implement countermeasures and remediation, decrease the duration and expenses associated with identifying and resolving application vulnerabilities.

Log audit and forensics

Efficiently acquire useful intelligence to facilitate proactive security risk management and resolution by leveraging observability context. Minimize the duration and resources required for investigating security incidents.

DevSecOps automation

Enhance collaboration between DevSecOps teams to expedite time-to-market and boost productivity. Augment the assurance of application releases through the implementation of security gates.

Runtime Dynatrace Application Security

Mitigate the risk of unaddressed and newly discovered vulnerabilities by persistently detecting and thwarting prevalent application attacks, such as SQL injection and command injection.

AI-assisted prioritization

Liberate your teams from war rooms and allow them to concentrate on delivering innovations to the market. Eliminate time wastage sifting through irrelevant information and pursuing erroneous alerts.

Seamlessly integrate DevSecOps for better business outcomes

Attain real-time, comprehensive insights on application security across the entire stack to launch higher quality, more secure software at a faster pace.

Incorporate application security into CI/CD toolchains through automation to minimize risk and decrease the duration of exposure time and business impact.

Encourage a culture of security awareness and responsibility to foster more effective collaboration and increased efficiency.

Mitigate risk and automate remediation in a single powerful platform 

Through continuous runtime vulnerability analysis, AI-powered risk assessment, and runtime application protection, customers can intelligently automate their DevSecOps processes, enabling them to innovate more rapidly while minimizing risk.

Identify and remediate risk with runtime vulnerability analysis

Identify vulnerabilities preemptively throughout all levels of your application stack in real-time. Carry out countermeasures and remediation confidently with automated analysis of security intelligence and runtime context.

Mitigate risk and automate remediation in a single powerful platform 

Davis Security Advisor provides teams with accurate information to address the most urgent vulnerabilities first. Davis leverages security intelligence and runtime context to assess risk based on factors such as internet exposure and access to sensitive data.

Reduce risk with runtime Dynatrace Application Security

Identify and prevent typical attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the application layer, such as SQL injection, command injection, and JNDI attacks. Shield against certain high-risk zero-day attack types, like those targeting Log4Shell, while the vulnerability is being resolved.

Get answers when you need them with log audit and forensics

Lower the expenses associated with investigating logs that are connected to a suspected or ongoing security incident, such as an application attack. Promptly and confidently verify the event’s details, utilize observability context to analyze the situation, and take proactive measures to reinforce defenses.

Improve efficiency with DevSecOps automation

Integrate with current tools and procedures to intelligently automate the generation, delegation, and resolution of vulnerability tickets. Automatically validate the remediation of critical application vulnerabilities before deployment to production.

Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers through explainable, causal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.


Dynatrace’s single agent technology installs only once on a host and immediately begins gathering all pertinent metrics across the complete application-delivery chain. Deploy it and leave it be.


Dynatrace’s dynamic topology mapping technology automatically detects and charts interactions and connections between applications and the underlying infrastructure. As new microservices are created or removed, the Smartscape topology map continually updates in real-time.


Dynatrace’s data lakehouse with massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture is designed specifically for swift ingestion, storage, and analysis of observability, security, and business data with high performance and scalability.

Davis AI

Dynatrace’s AI engine supplies accurate responses automatically and continuously. Davis leverages high-precision metrics, traces, logs, and user data that are correlated to a unified entity model to enable automation and provide comprehensive, in-depth insights for contemporary cloud environments.


Dynatrace’s secure, serverless, auto-scaling runtime environment simplifies the process of creating tailored, compliant, data-driven applications that address the most important use cases for your organization.


Dynatrace’s answer-driven automation technology uses causal AI to intelligently support BizDevSecOps workflows across multicloud ecosystems.

Quickly investigate application security incidents

Unify, store, and contextually analyze massive volumes of application security data with speed and cost-efficiency using a causational data lakehouse.

Audit and forensics

Automatically connect and analyze all your application security data, including logs and other observability data, to unlock valuable insights. Quickly investigate logs relevant to application security incidents to audit what happened, identify attack paths, and determine effective countermeasures.