Dynatrace Digital Experience

Enhance user experiences with industry-leading monitoring of digital experiences. Ensure the availability, functionality, speed, and efficiency of every application across all channels, including mobile, web, IoT, and APIs.


Powerful core technologies

Get precise answers through explainable, causal AI, with automatic discovery and topology mapping across billions of dependencies.


Dynatrace’s single agent technology installs only once on a host and immediately begins gathering all pertinent metrics across the complete application-delivery chain. Deploy it and leave it be.


Dynatrace’s dynamic topology mapping technology automatically detects and charts interactions and connections between applications and the underlying infrastructure. As new microservices are created or removed, the Smartscape topology map continually updates in real-time.


Dynatrace’s data lakehouse with massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture is designed specifically for swift ingestion, storage, and analysis of observability, security, and business data with high performance and scalability.

Davis AI

Dynatrace’s AI engine supplies accurate responses automatically and continuously. Davis leverages high-precision metrics, traces, logs, and user data that are correlated to a unified entity model to enable automation and provide comprehensive, in-depth insights for contemporary cloud environments.


Dynatrace’s secure, serverless, auto-scaling runtime environment simplifies the process of creating tailored, compliant, data-driven applications that address the most important use cases for your organization.


Dynatrace’s answer-driven automation technology uses causal AI to intelligently support BizDevSecOps workflows across multicloud ecosystems.

Prevent problems before users see them

By utilizing synthetic monitoring, you can proactively identify issues in both production and development environments, preventing customer impact and reducing the number of complaints to your call center.

Automatically resolve real user-impacting issues

Real-time user monitoring enables you to quickly identify when user experiences are negatively impacted and provides actionable insights to help you swiftly resolve any issues, removing the need for guesswork.

Indisputable video evidence to optimize user experiences

Recreate user sessions and gain a clear understanding of their experience, allowing everyone to identify areas for improvement.

Advanced mobile app monitoring to deliver omni-channel experiences

Gain valuable insights into mobile user experiences across different customer segments, app crashes, third-party components, and your entire cloud stack with continuous monitoring and analysis. This allows you to innovate faster and deliver new mobile features that exceed customer expectations.

Push the boundaries of understanding user journeys

Utilize logs as a vital component for managing and enhancing application environments, empowering developers to take a proactive approach to optimize their applications by addressing unforeseen issues that may arise in production.