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In a good relationship you have the right partner to support you in your goals. That is exactly what our partners do for us. Their tools, work and vision prove to be crucial every day in how we want to make real change, real sustainable growth. Optimizing business applications to perfection is something you never do alone. Curious about our partners and the possibilities?

Our partners Evolane


At Akamai they say it with pride: ‘Akamai is the Edge’, and they are right.

Taking the principle of “living on the edge” literally, Akamai has completely reinvented the cybersecurity landscape since 1998. The Edge represents the limit of the digital world. The piece of cyberspace where your users are and where they experience the internet. It is the home of the Cloud, where data and machines come together.

Akamai’s Intelligent Edge platform is here to help your goals thrive and protect your digital ecosystem. It’s our go-to technology that enables us to deliver the best web and mobile experiences, provide optimal security and make an art of great user experiences. We are not just partners, we are true fans.


Agile tools for Agile teams, that’s how it should be, right?

IT teams are unique in the way they work. It goes without saying that you should also view this interaction with unique glasses. And Atlassian is just about the best optician. No wonder everyone knows Jira, Confluence, and Trello. Separately or as a beautiful total package. Atlassian offers companies all the technology you need as an IT professional to collaborate efficiently and achieve the best results.

And we also want to achieve those results for our customers. We implement every piece of Atlassian technology. We do research, pinpoint the bottlenecks, fix them and then start all over again. Fully digital, fully customised.


Digital insights for optimal business results

Contentsquare’s Digital Experience cloud platform helps companies optimize the digital experience of their end-users by providing insight into the online behavior of their customers. Where traditional tools are difficult to use and implement, the Contensquare platform will provide teams in marketing, product, eCommerce and IT with deep insights with a very simple interface.

Whether it concerns an informative website, an eCommerce solution, a news site or a mobile app: thanks to Contentsquare every team can contribute to the optimization of the online experience of the end user and increase the ROI.


Our beating IT heart is supported by the sharp software eyes and ears of Dynatrace. This partner is the observer of intelligence in software.

Dynatrace’s AI experts were the first to tame the Cloud. They bring insights, automation and real-time intelligence to major brands around the world, all neatly packed into one platform.

Surrounded by thousands of metrics and numerous logs and traces every day, it’s no wonder that IT teams get overstimulated. Fortunately, Dynatrace takes on the role of ‘zen master’, and their applications make everything a lot easier. Their software intelligence platform makes knowledge accessible to everyone. Thanks to Dynatrace, we provide our customers with a true all-in-one platform. Multi-cloud and with out-of-the-box support!


Unleash the true power of data!

The Splunk platform enables C-level individuals to make informed decisions based on data. It helps monitoring, IT and security teams make their organizations secure, resilient and innovative. It does this by facilitating analytics through an open, extensible data platform.

Shared data from every IT environment within your organization is brought together, giving all teams in your company end-to-end visibility. Data is now given context and value to support every interaction and every business process.