Contentsquare’s Digital Experience cloud platform helps companies optimize the digital experience of their end-users by providing insight into the online behavior of their customers. Where traditional tools are difficult to use and implement, the Contentsquare platform will give teams in marketing, product, eCommerce and IT deep insights with a very simple interface. Whether it concerns an informative website, an eCommerce solution, a news site or a mobile app: thanks to Contentsquare every team can contribute to the optimization of the online experience of the end user and increase the ROI.

Contentsquare offers Digital Insights

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AI Insights

The Contentsquare platform makes the greatest opportunities and shortcomings of your digital content visible in seconds. This way you won’t miss any anomalies, errors or opportunities. It feels like an entire team of analysts is handing you a to-do list of the priorities that will have the greatest impact.

User-friendly and accessible

Digital accessibility makes it possible for everyone to easily use your web environment. In this way Contentsquare gives every content builder a helping hand. By creating an inclusive, compliant and accessible experience, your platform is accessible to everyone!

Privacy and security

Contentsquare provides industry-leading privacy and data security so their customers can confidently build trust with their end users. Billions of transactions are analyzed and aggregated, such as computer mouse movements, touchscreen gestures and other mobile interactions, to enable brands to deliver the best possible user experience to their end users.

Privacy and security Contentsquare

Everything for an optimal user experience

End user insights

  • Find technical and User Experience root causes before problems have a major impact on your conversion.
  • Prevent customer loss due to a bad experience.
  • If problems do arise, you can quickly recover your leads and revenue.


  • Quantify the size of a problem or opportunity and understand the revenue associated with it.

  • Monitor your business objectives and performance in detail.

  • Link real sales figures and other valuable KPIs to your decision-making process.

Solution Partner from Contentsquare

Global technology, local expertise 

Contentsquare’s intelligent monitoring solution is backed by Evolane’s unparalleled customer service, analytics and 24/7 monitoring. As a “man in the middle”, Evolane provides independent insight into the performance of your digital content.

Our founder Kristof Haeck has worked with monitoring solutions throughout his career and closely followed the evolution of the monitoring business. Through our in-depth collaboration with some forward-thinking clients, we at Evolane noticed that Contentsquare is a very mature and capable technology provider with a goal-oriented vision. Since the end of 2021, Evolane has been a new Contentsquare partner. Since the start of this partnership, our technical consultants and sales professionals have been fully certified.

With more than 13 years of monitoring experience with various monitoring platforms, our technicians continue to receive regular training. The Evolane Guardians have years of engineering, development and security experience to go beyond monitoring. In this way, Evolane combines the advantages of a trusted local partner with a leading global technology company.