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Founded in 2016, Evolane stands out in the IT world by resisting the ‘bigger is better’ mentality. With a focus on “scale-in,” Evolane sets itself apart from mainstream “scale-up” and “scale-out” trends. This has led to the formation of a dedicated team of 20 professionals. This Evolane family, united by the core values of Security and Experience, is committed daily to leading organizations to more secure and user-friendly IT environments.

Security is critical in today’s digital world. The focus on security forms the basis of our attention to application quality. This is where our experienced testers play a crucial role by ensuring functionality and reliability. The constant pursuit of security and quality contributes to the excellent user experience Evolane delivers. Together with our global partners, who develop cutting-edge software and technologies, we deliver tangible results for our customers.

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At Evolane, we compare the dynamic IT world to a rollercoaster: full of challenges and opportunities that come our way unexpectedly. That’s why we chose a rollercoaster as our logo with the entire team. Like a rollercoaster, companies experience highs and lows in their pursuit of a secure and quality IT environment. Our goal at Evolane is to guide and support companies through this ride. We want to increase security and provide an exceptional experience at every level of the organization.

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Security is the beating heart of Evolane. On a rollercoaster, it is vital that regular testing and optimizations are performed to ensure security. Evolane does the same. We constantly monitor and optimize to ensure that your application, your end users and your employees are safe in the online world.

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We keep your applications on track non-stop, meaning they are always available, reliable and quality. In one smooth, automated ride, we guide you to a great experience for your end users and your organization. So you can always count on a flawless ride, even in the most challenging digital landscapes. At Evolane, we have mastered the art of the digital roller coaster ride by now. We promise you an enjoyable journey, where we not only reach your digital goals, but exceed them.

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We want the best for our customers and their end users. Protecting, optimizing and tweaking their IT applications is what we do, but what we really care about is how we do it. Through a human IT approach that puts you first.

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