With Dynatrace and Evolane as local trusted partners, you get a broader perspective on your digital environment. One that includes statistics, logs and tracings, as well as a full topological model with distributed tracing. Meet Dynatrace’s applications, which provide insights down to the code level and even watch over user experience and behavioral data – all placed in their own context. Dynatrace also provides support for the technologies you use most often, accurately answering your questions through a full-stack topological model and an unparalleled AI engine. So you can automate customizations and collaborate with ease.

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Trusted Dynatrace Partner

AI Monitoring Across the Stack

Discover the value of Dynatrace for your company

Speed, Efficiency, Simplicity

Dynatrace minimizes notification spam by automatically detecting anomalies and identifying root causes. When an issue is identified, alerts are automatically pushed to your chosen incident management and collaboration tools (such as ServiceNow, Teams, or Slack).

User Experiences First

With real-user monitoring, your team is immediately notified when user experiences go wrong and how quickly they can be fixed. So you can avoid guesswork from now on! Go through your user’s experience by replaying their session and see where improvements can be made. Integrate the platform with your existing DevOps tools via the Cloud Automation control panel.

Advanced Observations

Dynatrace has the broadest coverage of all monitoring solutions and is supported in most languages. In addition, it also covers the majority of existing application architectures, cloud, on-premise or hybrid, enterprise app, SaaS monitoring and so much more.

Shortened Innovation Cycles 

Seamlessly integrate Dynatrace with your existing DevOps tools through the Cloud Automation control panel and automate your code delivery and deployment organization to achieve faster time-to-value.

Unparalleled, automatic observation capabilities

Boost your monitoring strategy 

Outdated monitoring tools will not work in the new enterprise cloud. This cloud is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic and fast. It is beyond the capacity of the human brain. Dynatrace’s comprehensive software intelligence platform gives you actionable insights into heterogeneous cloud environments again.

Detecting anomalies before they affect the business, identifying root causes of problems and analyzing their impact on the business are just a few examples of the answers leading algorithms and contextualized data can provide.

Trusted Dynatrace Partner

A local, certified partner from a market-leading company

Dynatrace’s intelligent monitoring solution is supported by both our unparalleled customer service and our 24/7 monitoring. As a “man in the middle”, Evolane provides independent insights into the performance and quality of your application landscape.

Founder Kristof Haeck has been working with Dynatrace solutions since 2008 and has closely followed the evolution of the monitoring business. As someone who only chooses who and what to believe in, it didn’t take long for Evolane to become a Dynatrace Advanced Partner. In addition, we also received the best new partner award from Dynatrace.

We have been monitoring with Dynatrace for more than 13 years now. Our technicians are all certified and continue to receive regular training. With years of experience in engineering, development and security, our Evolane Guardians can go beyond monitoring. We combine the benefits of a local partner with those of a leading global technology company. The best of both worlds, if you ask us!