Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring

Discover the power of Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring: Seamless observability in hybrid and cloud environments. Intelligent, automated monitoring for hosts, VMs, cloud services, serverless functions, containers, Kubernetes, network, devices, logs, events, and more – all backed by AI-driven insights for precise and contextual answers.

Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring

Dynatrace Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring

Dynatrace provides cloud infrastructure monitoring as part of their all-in-one, full-stack software intelligence platform.

Use a single platform to fulfill all your observability needs at an enterprise level.

Automatically monitor your entire infrastructure, from cloud to containers, servers, network, storage and more, with advanced observability across PaaS and container technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, OpenShift and Cloud Foundry. Detect processes and resource utilization, monitor network usage and performance, and integrate third-party data and events for complete visibility.

Find answers faster and make teams more productive

Benefit from continuous AI-powered monitoring of your infrastructure to quickly detect anomalies and prioritize alerts based on their business impact. This way, your team can focus on taking proactive action, driving innovation, and achieving business results, while leveraging AI assistance to maximize their productivity.

Extend observability with custom log metrics

Expand your infrastructure observability to include any log file writer with customized metrics derived from log data.

Break down application and infrastructure silos with an all-in-one approach

Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring is a component of their comprehensive full-stack monitoring offering, providing a cohesive view of the entire technology stack, from applications and infrastructure to user experience. With Davis, Dynatrace’s AI engine, continuously analyzing billions of dependencies, you gain context-specific insights and accurate root cause determination. Say goodbye to alert fatigue from disjointed toolsets and concentrate on proactive actions with maximum impact.

Automate incident management to solve problems faster

One benefit of using Dynatrace Infrastructure Monitoring is its seamless integration with ITSM solutions like ServiceNow. This integration allows for real-time updates to CMDB, automatic ticket creation, and the ability to trigger remediation workflows.