Dynatrace Business Analytics

Improve collaboration between IT and business teams with real-time analytics that provide precise business observability, driving better business outcomes across digital channels and processes.

Dynatrace Business Analytics

Take action with Dynatrace Business Analytics

Improve your business decisions by leveraging accurate data analysis for web and mobile conversions, revenue impact, release validation, and business processes. Combine business context from multiple sources with full-stack application analytics and performance data to gain complete visibility into your operations.

Business Impact

See real-time business impact to prioritize what matters most.

Release Validation

Ensure software releases meet expected business goals.

Conversion Optimization

Reduce abandonment for your highest value customers.

Experience Reporting

Know where you stand for internal and external SLOs on business and IT metrics.

Business Process Monitoring

Detect anomalies and optimize your business processes.

Establish real-time BizDevOps collaboration

Eliminate silos between your IT and business teams and tools with real-time shared context and operational analytics. Utilize business analytics to integrate external systems such as web analytics, CRM and ERP solutions, marketing automation software, and voice of customer tools. Analyze business anomalies, long-term trends, and optimization opportunities with precision and clarity, and easily capture critical business data at scale without requiring code changes.

Prioritize improvements based on business impact

Avoid the inefficiency of guessing which optimization efforts are benefiting your business by utilizing real-time analysis, exploration, and querying of data. Make informed business decisions based on insights into the strategies with the greatest impact, customized to your industry and business key performance indicators.

Minimize abandonment and optimize conversions

Take a proactive approach to enhancing user experience throughout critical business milestones and conversion steps. Utilize application analytics to pinpoint areas of improvement in the user journey and gain insights into performance by geography, product, customer segment, and more.

Instantly understand and fix problems before impact

Shift your focus from reactive to proactive problem-solving and innovation with AI-powered anomaly detection, alerting, and root cause determination. Prevent issues before they impact user experience, business processes, and KPIs, and gain actionable insights instantly. Spend more time on innovation and less time on resolving issues, knowing you have reliable answers and actionable insights.

 Explore Dynatrace Business Analytics for your industry


Enhance your ecommerce conversions and sales by monitoring and optimizing the customer journey with a seamless ecommerce solution.


Enhance client loyalty and relationships by providing fast and seamless web and mobile finance applications with minimal friction.


Enhance policyholder satisfaction and retention rates with seamless and error-free digital interactions.

Public Sector

Meet and surpass citizens’ expectations by providing them with digital services that are comprehensive and engaging.

Travel and Hospitality

Enhance guest satisfaction and loyalty at every stage of their travel journey with seamless and superior digital travel experiences.


Deliver a seamless and unified digital experience to exceed consumer expectations, providing greater control over healthcare technology and delivery options.

Simplify critical decision-making with real-time precision and relevant context.

Accurately identify business anomalies, analyze long-term trends, and discover process optimization opportunities using precise and clear answers to complex business questions. Effortlessly capture critical business data without the need for code changes, and seamlessly integrate it with IT data at scale to enable powerful analytics.