Dynatrace Automation

Drive digital transformation faster with effortless yet robust automation empowered by visibility and security intelligence.

Dynatrace Automation

Answers and intelligent automation to help you:

Improve production reliability

Deliver secure, high quality software faster

Enhance BizDevSecOps collaboration

Use cases that drive DevSecOps

Reduce MTTR with closed loop remediation

Ensure a rapid return to normalcy by triggering automated remediation workflows upon detection of events like service disruptions, performance bottlenecks, and security vulnerabilities.

Enhance collaboration with targeted notifications

Automatically notify the appropriate teams with relevant context to comprehend any alterations in the environment, such as deployment changes, system updates, issues, or security incidents.

Improve production reliability with Dynatrace Automation

Avoid service degradation and negative user impact proactively by verifying service or application changes that have critical dependencies against key metrics, SLOs, and security data automatically.

Stop bad code and vulnerabilities with continuous release validation

Enhance software quality and security while reducing costs by regularly validating applications in pre-production against established quality criteria and service level objectives (SLOs).

Deploy safely with progressive delivery

Minimize the possibility of unsuccessful releases by intelligently automating canary releases, blue/green deployments, and the toggling of feature flags. This includes triggering rollbacks and remedial actions as needed.