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Protect your organization from a wide range of online threats. We provide robust solutions against risks such as phishing, ransomware, DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. Evolane guarantees the protection of your data and that of your end users, allowing you to stay on top of your digital ambitions.

By using zero trust principles, we ensure that only authenticated users are granted access, ensuring the safety of your employees and data integrity. Our focus on cloud security is essential to ensuring the security and reliability of your applications. This contributes to a more secure environment for your end users, but also improves their experience with your services. Together we keep it safe!

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Protect your employees

Get control of your applications and Internet access and protect your organisation from cyber threats.


Microsegmentation is a security strategy that divides a company’s network into smaller, separately secured sections. This reduces the attack surface by limiting access to and movement within the network. It prevents attackers from spreading through the network after a breach, and allows for more precise tuning of security policies.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

ZTNA is a security solution that helps you protect your corporate network better. Instead of opening up the entire network, ZTNA allows access only to specific applications, based on strict identity authentication and policies. This means that your employees can work securely anywhere, on any device, without the risk of exposing your entire network to attacks.

Security Service Edge (SSE)

SSE is an integrated solution that helps your business secure access to data and applications in the cloud. It combines various security functions such as access control, data protection and threat prevention in one platform. This ensures a seamless and secure experience for users no matter where they work or what devices they use.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

When it comes to data security, it’s best not to take risks. That’s why we add an extra layer of proactive DNS security. This security blocks unwanted web traffic and assures each user of secure access to the Internet. This is applicable both in the office, and outside for off-network users. Don’t let any distance interfere with your secure Internet connection anymore!

Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB is your ally in managing and securing access to cloud services and meeting compliance requirements. It acts as an intermediary between users and cloud applications, giving you complete control and visibility over how corporate data is used and shared. This means better security against data breaches and unauthorized access.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP helps you protect sensitive information within your company. It automatically monitors, detects and blocks the transmission of sensitive data to prevent it from getting outside the corporate network. Whether it’s personal data, financial information or intellectual property, DLP ensures that this data is not accidentally or intentionally leaked. This not only provides your company with stronger data security, but also helps it comply with privacy laws and regulations.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Our DDoS protection is designed to repel numerous DDoS attacks every day. We use a robust high-capacity system to block attacks, supported by multiple processing centers worldwide. In addition, in-depth reports and statistics on attacks provide your team with detailed insights.

Borderless SD-WAN

Borderless SD-WAN provides flexible and secure network connectivity for your business without being bound by traditional network boundaries. It connects all business locations, cloud services and mobile users, providing faster access and a better user experience. This not only lowers network costs, but also improves the performance of cloud applications and strengthens the security of your corporate data.

Ready for any threat

Protect your Apps & APIs

Protect Internet business web applications & APIs, deployed at a cloud hyperscaler or in your own data center.


With API security, you protect your company’s application interfaces from cyber attacks and data theft. This means your confidential data is secure, which is essential for both operational integrity and maintaining customer trust. By applying advanced threat detection techniques, your APIs remain secure.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Commit to a firewall platform that stands out for its strength and effectiveness. Our advanced application firewall provides robust protection and is capable of managing and mitigating a significant number of attack activities on a daily basis. This level of security effectively deters intruders, keeping your digital environment safe and secure.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Our DDoS protection is designed to repel numerous DDoS attacks every day. Our robust high-capacity system blocks attacks and is supported by multiple processing centers worldwide. In addition, in-depth reports and statistics on attacks provide your team with detailed insights.

DNS Security (+DNSSEC)

DNSSEC is an essential addition to your cybersecurity strategy. This technology validates DNS answers, reducing your chances of specific cyber attacks such as DNS spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks. This not only improves the security of your data, but also increases confidence in the reliability of your web application.

Bot visibility & mitigation

Our multi-layered detection technology provides effective protection against malicious bots. We recognize suspicious activity and provide the best control of your web traffic. Through granular visibility and the right deep learning algorithms, protect yourself from the specialty of bots: identity fraud. This approach ensures the integrity of your digital environment and protects your data from unauthorized access.

Application Runtime Security

Guarantee the security of your applications’ users. Our Application Security automatically detects runtime vulnerabilities and risks to cloud-native applications, throughout the software development lifecycle. This approach ensures continuous monitoring and protection, crucial in the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Cybersecurity Advisory Workshop

Take your cybersecurity to the next level through continuous innovation and comprehensive protection.

To support organizations in developing strategic cyber resilience, we offer interactive workshops. These sessions focus on creating a customized approach tailored to the organization’s specific needs and business objectives. An in-depth analysis of current security practices is conducted, followed by an action plan to mitigate risks and increase security maturity. Using standardized security frameworks and the Cyberfundamentals Framework, we enable organizations to evaluate and improve their cybersecurity status, resulting in a structured, prioritized and budgeted strategy for stronger cyber resilience.

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