Akamai Cloud Computing Services

Akamai’s developer-friendly cloud computing services, running on the Akamai Connected Cloud, increase enterprise performance and speed to market.

Build, run, and secure on the most distributed platform

Cloud computing services Akamai Connected Cloud

With cloud computing services running on Akamai Connected Cloud, you can distribute workloads and applications to meet the challenges of cost, performance, and scale presented by more centralized cloud computing platforms.

Akamai cloud computing includes the compute, container and storage management services you need to build, run, and secure highly performant applications and workloads everywhere your business connects online — all backed by award-winning developer and enterprise support.

Run low-latency workloads across the globe

Bring applications and workloads closer to your end users with Akamai Connected Cloud’s unique ability to distribute cloud computing services from core to edge.

Optimize cloud costs and avoid the “surprise bill”

Confidently plan and budget with simple, transparent pricing and no lock-in. Gain cost performance advantages with the flexibility to optimize where your data and computing resides.

Accelerate, scale, and ensure resiliency

Deploy portable workloads for performance, scale, and availability. Meet stringent data residency requirements with more locations for compute and data storage across the globe.


Build, release, and scale faster with IaaS, virtual machines, and tools for every workload.

Dedicated CPU

Dedicated CPU instances run on their own CPU cores in the cloud computing infrastructure. No sharing the processor with other instances.

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Shared CPU

Affordable Shared CPU plans are ideal for general workloads and include generous amounts of free bundled transfer.

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Create functions at the edge on the largest distributed serverless network.

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Efficiently orchestrate containerized applications.

Linode Kubernetes Engine

Deploy Kubernetes clusters with Linodes fully managed container orchestration engine.

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Easily access dependable storage and management.

Block Storage

Easily add highly available and scalable storage capacity to your cloud computing instances.

Object Storage

Use Object Storage to store your data across a cluster of servers for high availability and durability.


Your data is safe and secure with a simple, scalable backup service. The subscription service automatically performs daily, weekly, and biweekly local backups.

Akamai Connected Cloud

The world’s most distributed platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery.

4,100 +

900 + Tbps
edge capacity

1,300 +


130 +

2,000 +
service experts