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Discover how Evolane, as an advanced select partner, is the bridge between your organization and Akamai, market leader in Enterprise and Cloud security. They distinguish themselves by owning the world’s largest distributed computing platform, critical for advanced Web and Internet services. Evolane facilitates access to these innovative technologies to enhance your digital security and network performance.

“Securing at the Edge”, that is Akamai in a nutshell. They stop the most innovative cyber-attacks on the edge of the digital world. They do not compromise on quality, but guarantee an optimal user experience.

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Akamai Advanced Select Partner

Global technology, local expertise

With the largest distributed computing platform in the world and the advanced security and video delivery solutions that reinforce it, the technology company is the market leader in Enterprise and Cloud Security.

Akamai’s portfolio is backed by Evolane’s unparalleled customer service, analysis and 24/7 monitoring. Founder Kristof Haeck worked with Akamai throughout his career and got to know the platform in all its facets. As someone who only chooses who and what he believes in, it didn’t take Kristof long to become an Akamai Select Partner to continue the successes.

This title is reserved for partners who continue to invest in providing the right product knowledge and product configuration! With more than 15 years of experience with Akamai’s solutions, our engineers are now as certified as possible and we have already had some noteworthy collaborations. Evolane combines the advantages of a trusted local partner with the ingenious technology of an international company!

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Akamai’s Products & Solutions

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Embed strong security everywhere your business meets the world.

Discover Akamai’s Security Solutions

Content Delivery

You create extraordinary digital experiences. trust the agility and scale of the Akamai Intelligent Edge to help you flawlessly deliver them.

Discover Akamai’s Content Delivery Solutions

Cloud Computing

Improve enterprise performance and time-to-market with developer-friendly cloud computing services running on Akamai Connected Cloud.

Discover Akamai’s Cloud Computing Solutions

Fast and safe at the edge

Discover what Akamai can do for your organization

Innovate and implement

The Edge is a catalyst for innovation. A serverless edge platform enables developers to solve, deploy and scale any digital challenge. Creating better and faster experiences, that’s what you do with Akamai.

Safer and more user-friendly

You want to give your customers a great experience, so they keep coming back. Our intelligent routing and automatic optimizations protect you and your customers, without compromising on the user experience.

Protect your reputation and revenue

Cyberattacks can leave huge financial craters. Stop attacks at the edge before they reach your apps, infrastructure, and people. Our consistent security helps minimize risk without slowing you down.

Rapid growth on a global scale

With massive global reach and unparalleled capacity, you have everything you need to quickly reach new markets and support your growth. With the Akamai applications you automatically adapt to an increase in traffic and keep your downtime to a minimum.

Safe for you, user-friendly for the customer

Discover how Akamai’s Edge Principle can help your organization move forward

Protected, even against new dangers

Akamai’s applications are always adapted to the latest cyber threats and changing tactics. The company guarantees protection against SQL injections, cross site scripting, remote file inclusions, bot attacks, malware, phishing and ransomware.

Akamai keeps decisions, apps, and experiences closer to users than anyone else — and attacks and threats far away. This way, DDoS attacks are blocked even before they can reach your application or data center! This is what Akamai does for the world’s largest companies. The intelligent Edge platform spans everything from the enterprise to the cloud, so businesses and their customers are fast, smart, and secure.

Impeccable customer experiences

Consumers expect an impeccable viewing experience and instant access to high-definition video content on any screen. Delivering software updates, games, social media, news and other content also needs to be seamless, fast and scalable.

Akamai Media Delivery Solutions helps you engage your audience worldwide by delivering the highest quality content wherever and whenever users want. This way you can grow with the complexity of different types of devices, without having to build an expensive infrastructure. Akamai’s Web Performance Solutions also help engage customers with fast, personalized online experiences. This allows more income and flexibility to be achieved, enabling the company to expand globally.