More than just colleagues 

Our team

By now, you should have an idea about our customer and business approach. But what does that mean for our own internal functioning? Growth is a key concept at Evolane, which is why we want to give our team every opportunity at personal and professional development. Next to that, we also want to grow the team itself!

What is Evolane like as an employer? We asked our team this question. You can read what to expect in the answers from our colleagues on the right.

Our team

What it’s like at Evolane…

Bruno Test Engineer

“The flexibility, the communication and the exciting, challenging environment make it fun and interesting. It is a beautiful relationship of giving and taking which is not that common these times. Throw all that together in a group of passionate people and you have a family that stands together behind the same leader and achieves great results together on both a professional and personal level.”

Performance Engineer

Ann HR Officer and License Manager

““I love being able to work every day in a homely atmosphere, surrounded by great colleagues who are always ready to help you. Being appreciated for what you do and who you are. No… it doesn’t feel like working, more like coming home!”

HR Officer and License Manager

Alexander Test Engineer

“Evolane has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, is helpful and always there for you. The team building activities and family weekends give me a real family feeling.”

Test Engineer

Koen DevOps Architect

“You work daily with a team of fantastic people, both personally and professionally. The personal opinions and situations of each colleague are taken into account. Everyone gets the opportunity to expand his/her knowledge by attending conferences and training courses at home and abroad. And there is so much more…”

DevOps Architect & Project Manager

Dylan DevOps & Performance Engineer Our team

“At Evolane, the input and involvement of the employees is appreciated and used to help shape the growth and evolution of the organization. The attention for growth is also reflected in the personal trajectory of the employees. By stimulating us to train ourselves and by giving us space to develop ourselves, Evolane remains an active and interesting working environment.

DevOps & Performance Engineer

Denis Product Owner Our team

“Over the years I have seen the company grow from a few employees to the team it is today. We have completed many interesting projects. Evolane is a company where the employees mean a lot. You can talk about a lot of things (work/life balance, salary, career opportunities, fun, …) but in the end it comes down to a good working environment where people feel good.“

Product Owner

Marloes Test Engineer Our team

“Evolane feels like a family because of the fun team and the annual family events. Thanks to the nice extras (such as gifts) I feel valued as an employee and there is a good atmosphere.

Test Engineer

What team spirit looks like…

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