Performance Engineer

At Evolane, our mission is to optimize business applications, relieve organizations, and provide end-users with the best user experience. Our solutions are designed to make applications more user-friendly, secure, and performant than ever before. Our tailored approach ensures that each of our customers can sleep soundly.  Both Dynatrace and Splunk are essential for analyzing the data of your applications today. 

To strengthen our team we are looking for a Performance Engineer (Dynatrace/Splunk).

As a Performance Engineer, you will: 

  • Analyze both technical and business data from customers and make it visible in the appropriate context.
  • Advise customers on the best actions to take to improve website/application performance and optimize user experience.
  • Implement, document, and help improve processes for customers.
  • Provide customers with services in the areas of Data Intelligence, IT Service Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Serve as the point of contact for both customers and colleagues.
  • Contribute to the team’s collective knowledge.

What do we expect from you?

  • Dynatrace and Splunk certification is a nice asset but not required. Knowledge of other monitoring solutions (such as AppDynamics, Datadog NewRelic, Elastic) is certainly relevant.
  • You can easily divide your focus between multiple projects.
  • You have a higher IT education or have at least 3 years of experience in monitoring.
  • Knowledge of a programming language such as JavaScript, NodeJS… is a plus.
  • You have a good knowledge of web and application server technologies and concepts.
  • You exceed yourself in every challenge and have a sharp eye for detail.
  • You communicate fluently and do not hesitate to take initiative. Yet you act structured and analytical, just because you always succeed in choosing the right priorities.
  • You do not easily succumb to stress. On the contrary, it provides a positive impulse to do even better.
  • You work independently but with an eye for teamwork and flexibility.
  • You have a perfect knowledge of Dutch, and a good knowledge of French is an asset. Communicating in English should not be a problem for you.

Working at Evolane looks this:

You start your workday with a delicious cup of coffee or a warm cup of tea in our hub in Stekene (Waasland region), at the customer’s office or just comfortably at home. We organize a call of no more than 30 minutes every day so you can find out what is on the schedule for you and your colleagues today. It’s the perfect moment to discuss open issues and ask questions to your colleagues. You determine your own schedule. Convenient, right?

What does Evolane have to offer you?

In addition to an attractive monthly salary, we provide many other benefits. A car, meal and net allowance, internet and mobile phone subscription, a brand new MacBook Pro, hospitalization and group insurance, fresh fruit at work…

Thanks to the constant flow of new assignments, you immediately get the opportunity to develop yourself and grow. We provide appropriate training, both online and at home and/or abroad.

We love to share our technical knowledge with the team. That’s why we regularly organize workshops.

To maintain the Evolane family feeling, we regularly organize team building events and yes… even an annual event for the whole family!

Do you already see yourself at Evolane?

Okay, the time has come to take the first step.  Apply now!  Who knows, we’ll see you soon?