Knowledge Sharing Microsegmentation

Cybersecurity Experience The Netherlands

and IT Leadership Belgium 2022

At Evolane we are firm believers in the power of collaborations and knowledge sharing! And which place is better to meet new people than specialized networking events? In the fall of 2022, we were on the one hand present at Heliview’s Belgian IT Leadership event and on the other hand at the Dutch Cybersecurity Experience Event in Bussum. There, we  exchanged insights and ideas with Belgian and Dutch security professionals across all industries. The result? A fantastic, professional networking experience in a “cybersecurity framework”. Our focus? The emerging ransomware problem. Read all about in the article below!

Roundtable Microsegmentation

Evolane, together with performance and security technology partner Akamai, invited security professionals to a roundtable on “software based network segmentation“. Experts Sjoerd Teeuwen and Kristof Haeck explained the essential principles of the innovative anti-ransomware solution and  introduced the participants to Guardicore, a micro-segmentation technology company that has had Akamai under its name since 2021. The company offers the most simple, intuitive and fast way to roll out Zero Trust principles across a network.

Guardicore’s technology

The participants were then challenged to share their experiences with ransomware and its (potential) impact on their business. It showed that security leaders are increasingly wary of possible cyber attacks, due to the global increase of ransomware attacks.

Together they dived into the different ways Guardicore’s technology can prevent the major impact of a ransomware-attack on their companies, its customers and image. For example, they demonstrated how Guardicore’s solution stops lateral movement by visualizing activities within IT environments, implementing accurate micro-segmentation policies and quickly detecting potential security breaches.

See you soon?

Afterwards, both us and our participants returned home inspired, thanks to a lot of new contacts and knowledge about what is going on in the market. A win-win if you ask us!

Want to attend next time?

For 2023, we’re planning on Cybersec Europe (April 19th and 20th at Brussels Expo) and Cybersecurity Experience (30th of November in Bussum). We’re even organizing some exclusive and spectacular networking events ourselves…

Keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and maybe we’ll meet each other there!

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