A Day In The Life Of

Our Customer Success Manager Dave

A day in the life of Dave

Curious about how Evolane works? Interested in a job in our team? Dave guides you through his day as a Customer Success Manager at Evolane. Because who is better placed to tell you about this workplace than one of your possible future colleagues?

As for most people, Daves starts between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. But how does he, as part of the Security team, fill the rest of his day? We take you through a regular working day that, despite “the usual stuff”, never looks quite the same. Dave tells you what he does on a daily basis, how he experiences customer contact, the company culture and of course… his job!

Waking up with a morning stand up

“The alarm goes off at 8:00 AM. I drink a cup of coffee and then open my company laptop. At 9:00 AM we have a daily stand up meeting with the team. We first have a chat about the weekend and then move on to “serious business”. Together we look at what we were able to achieve yesterday, whether any problems have arisen and what we will work on today. When urgent matters have come in, we decide who can answer them immediately. By talking to colleagues on a daily basis, you stay up to date, interaction is fast and easy, plus you are automatically more involved. This strengthens the company spirit and overall collegiality, in times of a lot of homework.”

Communication and prioritization

“In the morning I’ve usually already received a few emails or Slack messages from customers with urgent questions/comments about current or new projects. Based on this, I make a list of priorities for the day.

As a CSM it is important to be aware of current projects. That is why I go over all projects almost daily and check the status. The whole team helps me a lot by documenting everything and explaining briefly if necessary. This is how we support each other!”

“By talking to colleagues on a daily basis, you stay up to date, you can interact more easily and you are automatically more involved.”

Many customers, one point of contact

 “I am part of the ‘projects’ team within Evolane. Within this team I take on the role as CSM for the security part. It is my job to be the point of contact for our customers and to guarantee the success of the projects.

Throughout the day I have contact with both customers and colleagues from the security and monitoring team. Many of our customers purchase different types of products from us, which makes it important that we always work as one team with a central point of contact.”

I enjoy this contact with customers and colleagues. Our specialists tell me new facts every day, which makes working on current projects never boring. Consequently, it is my job as CSM to inform the customers. Collaboration and communication with customers runs very smoothly. At Evolane, we prefer to build an open and less “formal” customer relationship. This personal approach creates trust and makes any issues discussed more easily.”

“It’s nice to find an employer who wants to offer you opportunities and provide you with the necessary training.”

Work life balance

“Evolane respects the work-life balance very well. When the daily schedule allows, flexible hours are accepted. Do we need a day of leave in the short term, without hindering colleagues, customers or the weekly planning/priorities? Then we don’t have to beg for it. That’s why I’m not bothered receiving work related calls after hours. Trust works both ways!”

In addition, the organization attaches importance to a “family feeling.” Team buildings, events and workshops with colleagues, as well as the annual weekend at Center Parcs with the whole family, make this a reality.

A day in the life of Dave work life balance
A day in the life of Dave experience


“When I started at Evolane I had several years of experience in IT. However, I had absolutely no knowledge of security in IT. It is nice to find an employer who wants to offer you opportunities and provide the necessary training.

The switching position between the customer and the Evolane team of experts comes with some challenges. Anyone with the right communication skills, sense of responsibility and the willpower to find a good solution will thrive in a job and working environment like this!”

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