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In the digital age we live in, cybercriminals are a constant threat. These threats have evolved over the years and have become more comprehensive, including phishing, the creation of fake websites, the spread of malware, spoofing, and brand piracy. Given these developments, it is critical to adequately protect both your data and your brand to avoid serious reputational damage.

Phishing is the most insidious attack because it not only harms customers, but also poses a serious threat to your business. Akamai’s Brand Protector offers a comprehensive solution that emphasizes detection and prevention.

40% of consumers do not hesitate to open links from their favorite brands.

The growing threat of phishing

Phishing is becoming more sophisticated and deceptive, making it increasingly difficult for customers to tell what is legitimate and what is not. These attacks can be carried out through various channels, including e-mail, text messages, social networks and advertisements. They try to obtain valuable information from customers, which can cause them considerable harm.

Moreover, the consequences of phishing attacks are not limited to stolen data. Consumers report losing trust in a brand after unknowingly falling victim to a phishing scam. This loss of trust can have serious and long-term consequences for your brand’s reputation and revenue.

Strengthen your defenses against phishing

To protect your brand from reputational damage and revenue loss, you need powerful attack detection and prevention. This includes the use of detection algorithms specifically designed to address threats. With this approach, you can benefit from faster detection time and stay on top of phishing attempts with just a few minutes of monitoring per day.

In addition, integrated mitigation capabilities provide takedown services and status monitoring, quickly neutralizing any detected phishing threat. With a comprehensive defense strategy that emphasizes protection against phishing, you can strengthen your brand against the constantly evolving threat of attacks. This way, you can protect both your customers and your business from harm.

More than just phishing

Besides phishing, there are other serious threats that we should not ignore. Think fake websites, malware, spoofing and brand piracy. These forms of cybercrime are anything but to be underestimated and also require our attention. Like phishing, they can lead to financial damage, damage to reputation and even the loss of valuable personal data.

At Evolane, we are ready to support you in the fight against these threats. So contact us today for advice and solutions to strengthen your online security. Together, we are building a robust defense against the ever-evolving world of cybercrime.

More than 50,000 new phishing websites are created every week.

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