Splunk Security

Safeguard your enterprise and modernize your security operations with a top-notch data platform, cutting-edge analytics, and automated investigations and response.

Splunk Security

The no-compromise, data-centric security operations solution

Turn data into doing

Leverage your data’s potential to swiftly identify threats and minimize business risks.

automate security operations with ease

Expedite security incident response and investigations with precision and assurance.

integrate so you can innovate

Strengthen your cybersecurity and gain more benefits through integrations and an open ecosystem.



Splunk Security

Splunk Enterprise Security

Empower your business with an agile security analytics solution that moves at the speed of your operations, transforming data into actionable insights you can trust.

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          2x                                                    80%

improvement in alert fidelity                                                   reduction in alert volume

Splunk Security Essentials

Expand the capabilities of Splunk Cloud or Splunk Enterprise by leveraging them for advanced, real-time security visibility and better detection of threats.

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Splunk User Behavior Analytics

Protect your systems from unknown threats with user and entity behavior analytics.

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Splunk Soar

Improve work efficiency by automating repetitive security tasks, responding to incidents in seconds, and increasing analyst productivity and accuracy to better protect your business.

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     30 sec                                              35 hrs

to complete processes                                                                   of work saved per week
that once took 30 minutes

Splunk Mission Control

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats from a modern and unified workspace.

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Use cases

Solve it with Splunk Security

Advanced threat detection

Discover anomalies and identify unknown threats that conventional security tools are unable to detect.

Incident investigation and response

Respond to threats in seconds – not minutes or hours.

Insider threat detection

Measure and report on your security posture.

Automate and orchestrate the SOC

Work smarter and respond faster with automated workflows that empower your security operations.


Sophisticated tech. Advanced security.

Ingest and process data from any source

Aggregate and analyze data from different sources and distribute insights in a matter of milliseconds.

Make a team of 3 feel like a team of 10

Automate repetitive security tasks to force multiply your team’s productivity and effectiveness.

Monitor tens of terabytes of data per day

Collect and process data from any source, structured or unstructured.

Smarter security

Combat the latest threats with timely, pre-packaged security content developed by Splunk’s threat research team.

From 30 minutes to 30 seconds

Improve the speed of investigations and response by utilizing automated playbooks that operate at machine speed.

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