Splunk Observability

Address problems in seconds with the singular observability solution that is full-stack, powered by analytics, and native to OpenTelemetry.

Splunk Observability

Enhance digital resilience by reducing the expenses of unexpected outages through a cohesive user interface.

Fix problems faster

Teams can spot and resolve issues 80-90% faster with the help of guided root cause analysis, intelligent correlation, and built-in incident response.

Improve reliability

Reduce major IT incidents by over 50% with predictive analytics and proactive business services monitoring.

Build exceptional customer experiences

Accelerate development by over 90% and gain a comprehensive understanding of your apps, infrastructure, and user experiences with real-time monitoring based on open standards.



Splunk Observability

Splunk Application Performance Monitoring

NoSample distributed tracing and code-level visibility provides insights into cloud-native, microservice, and monolithic applications.

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Splunk IT Service Intelligence

Ensure service performance with full visibility, AIOps and incident intelligence.

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Splunk Real User Monitoring

Identify and resolve customer-facing issues across web and mobile platforms by gaining complete visibility into the end-user experience.

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Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Enhance performance in hybrid cloud environments with instant visibility and real-time alerts.

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Splunk Incident Intelligence

Provide on-call DevOps teams with the necessary data to diagnose, fix, and restore services swiftly.

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Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Identify and address performance issues before they impact users by proactively monitoring user flows, business transactions, and APIs.

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Use cases

Solve it with Splunk

Cloud migration

Maintain agility and flexibility to achieve high performance and excel in cloud environments.

Application modernization

Accelerate innovation and gain comprehensive visibility into application performance to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

It modernization

Maintain high IT service uptime while enhancing operational efficiency and reducing alerts storms.


Why Splunk for observability?

End-to-end visibility across your entire hybrid landscape

Whether it’s a traditional on-premises application or a cloud-native web application, Splunk is the only solution that provides comprehensive end-to-end visibility and correlation of issues throughout your entire technology stack.

Predict and detect problems before they impact customers

Predict and proactively address unknown issues without depending on human-generated alerts. AIOps is integrated, enabling quick detection and analysis of anomalous changes.

Direct troubleshooting that tells you where to look

Receive directed and AI-assisted troubleshooting that offers business context and suggests the best areas to explore while investigating issues.

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