Evolane puts the Splunk platform at the fingertips of C-level individuals, enabling them to make decisions based on data. It helps monitoring, IT and security teams make their organizations secure, resilient and innovative. It does this by facilitating analytics through an open, extensible data platform. It brings together shared data from every IT environment within the organization, giving end-to-end visibility to all teams in your business. Data now gains context and value, supporting every interaction and business process.

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Solution Partner

Global technology, local expertise

Splunk’s intelligent monitoring solution is backed by Evolane’s unparalleled customer service, analytics and 24/7 monitoring. As a “man in the middle”, Evolane provides independent insight into the performance and quality of your application landscape. Our founder Kristof Haeck has worked with monitoring solutions throughout his career and closely followed the evolution of the monitoring business. Through our deep collaboration with some forward-thinking customers, we at Evolane noticed that Splunk is a very mature and capable technology supplier with a complete vision. Evolane only chooses partners she believes in and so it didn’t take long for Evolane to become a fully recognized partner.

The training and certification of the entire team of technical consultants and sales professionals followed quickly. With more than 13 years of monitoring experience with various monitoring platforms, our technicians continue to invest regularly in their training. The Evolane Guardians have years of engineering, development and security experience to go beyond monitoring. In this way, Evolane combines the advantages of a trusted local partner with a leading global technology company.

Splunk Solution Partner

Splunk’s Products & Solutions

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The extensible Splunk data platform for the hybrid cloud powers unified security, full-stack observability and limitless custom applications.

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Modernize your security operations and protect your business with data, analytics, automation and end-to-end integrations.

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Go from problem detection to resolution with end-to-end visibility across your infrastructure, applications and digital customer experience.

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The power of data

Discover what Splunk can do for your organization


An observability cloud environment based on OpenTelemetry and AI analysis, across the entire technology stack. See how each user experiences your applications in real time and how each code change affects your website performance. Use high-resolution real-time streaming analytics to easily detect potential problems and identify their causes, even before unavailability occurs. It only needs to be instrumented once to roll out everywhere. Thanks to OpenTelemetry, vendor lock-in is no longer possible.

IT Operations

AIOps-powered infrastructure monitoring for the multi-cloud environment, with predictive notifications and automatic remediation. Prevent malfunctions and solve problems quickly. Visualize service health across the entire technology stack using KPI-driven insights. Identify and respond to priority incidents using predictive machine learning.


Secure your transition to the cloud, combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics at scale. Centralize your security data in real time, pull data from any source and organize a comprehensive response strategy. Splunk provides holistic security incident management in a multi-cloud environment.

Everything, everywhere, always

Unlock the power of data to transform your organization and thrive in the digital age. Anything is possible when you bring data to every aspect of the organization!

Our promise to you

Meaningful insights that support important business decisions

Take any data, at any scale, anywhere in your organization and turn it into actionable information to make informed decisions. Splunk takes all the data, stores it and analyzes it.

The cloud is becoming increasingly complex, dynamic and fast, far beyond the capacity of the human brain. In the meantime, outdated monitoring tools no longer work in the new enterprise cloud. Splunk’s best-in-class machine learning algorithms analyze and present data in a way that makes it easy to read and interpret. So you can easily make business decisions!