Splunk Cloud Platform

Efficiently work with your data using a versatile and affordable data platform service that enables you to search, analyze, visualize, and take action on your data.

Splunk Cloud Platform
How it works

Turn data into answers with Splunk as a service

Fast, flexible and scalable service excellence

With Splunk Cloud Platform, you can go live within just two days. Their team of experts will handle your IT backend, giving you the freedom to focus on your data analysis. Plus, their platform scales to meet your analytics needs.

Security and reliability to meet your data demands

Utilize all of your data while meeting industry-specific privacy and compliance regulations with Splunks certified platform.

Powerful, integrated streaming, search and machine learning

Leverage the newest streaming and machine learning features to search, analyze, and act on any type of data in real-time, from the edge and beyond, to proactively identify and resolve issues.

Predictable pricing that aligns with value

Easily adjust to changing data requirements with pricing that is transparent and aligned with your usage, providing instant visibility into usage metrics while also remaining affordable.


The flexible data platform service for all your needs

Get a unified tool with cutting-edge capabilities to easily tackle any of your evolving use cases.

Machine learning and AI

Elevate your security and business outcomes by leveraging machine-level intelligence to predict and prevent incidents, instead of simply reacting to them.

Collaborative tools

Access and collaborate using Splunk’s mobile, TV, and augmented reality features, no matter where you are.

Data streaming

Collect, process and distribute data in real-time to Splunk and other destinations in just milliseconds with our powerful stream processing capabilities.

Federated search

Trigger and correlate searches across your diverse data ecosystem, including on-premises and third-party stores, to analyze organization-wide.

Scalable index

Collect and ingest terabytes of data from thousands of sources and more, without limitations.

Powerful dashboards

Effortlessly convey intricate data narratives with our user-friendly dashboard creation interface.