Splunk Incident Intelligence

Solve problems faster with a unified incident response with Splunk Incident Intelligence.

Splunk Incident Intelligence
How does Splunk Incident Intelligence work

Bring order to on-call chaos 

Unify incident response

Enable seamless collaboration through integrated ChatOps and auto-ticketing with ITSM tools, while also ensuring teams receive proactive notifications regarding the status of incidents.

Resolve incidents faster

Empower your team to minimize mean time to resolve (MTTR) and address issues before they affect customers by leveraging directed troubleshooting, surfacing related incidents, and providing recommendations for responders.

Streamline on-call

Streamline on-call scheduling, routing, escalations, and notifications to easily identify the right personnel and expedite your workflow.


Unified incident response

Enable unified incident response and reduce unplanned downtime.

Full-context incident management

Equip your on-call teams with a unified console that provides comprehensive data across the entire stack, enabling them to swiftly resolve incidents.

Directed troubleshooting

Experience intuitive and directed troubleshooting that precisely identifies the root cause, timing, and impact of issues, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools.

Alert preview

Gain confidence in your deployments by updating policies and previewing associated alerts, ensuring that you have full visibility and control over what you ship.

Incident details

Access detailed incident information effortlessly and gain valuable insights through comprehensive alert statistics.

Integrated ChatOps

Continue leveraging your team’s preferred ChatOps tools seamlessly by integrating with popular platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Mobile-first on-call experience

Empower on-call teams with comprehensive situational awareness at their fingertips, allowing them to work flexibly from any location.