Splunk Real User Monitoring

Achieve end-to-end visibility to easily identify issues that impact customers, spanning from web browsers and native mobile apps to your backend services.

Splunk Real User Monitoring
How it works

Gain deeper web and mobile context for a better customer experience

Correlate issues faster

Leverage infinite cardinality and comprehensive transaction analysis to quickly isolate and correlate issues across intricate distributed systems.

AI-driven troubleshooting

Identify the most impactful issues affecting your customers, webpages, and mobile apps. AI-driven troubleshooting leverages your comprehensive data and enterprise-grade analytics to provide recommendations on prioritizing problem resolution.

Isolate latency and errors

Effortlessly identify latency, errors, and performance issues associated with each code change and deployment. Measure the impact of content, images, and third-party dependencies on your customers’ experience.

Improve core web vitals

Measure and enhance your customer experience by using core web vitals as the benchmark for page load, interactivity, and visual stability.


Gain comprehensive insights into your web and mobile experience through full transaction analysis.

Effortlessly identify user-facing issues across your entire stack, including web browsers, native mobile apps, and backend services.

End-to-end visibility

Accelerate mean time to resolution (MTTR) by leveraging full-fidelity data collected from web browsers to backend services, seamlessly stitched together using the standardized OpenTelemetry framework.

High cardinality

Efficiently correlate issues and expedite root cause identification across intricate distributed systems and dependencies.

Deep visibility for Android and iOS

Automatically capture essential client attributes, app lifecycle events, network requests, errors, and app crashes for native mobile applications.

Framework-agnostic instrumentation

Effortlessly instrument both multipage and single-page applications to capture transactions and track route changes across various frameworks.

Full user session analysis

Track and measure the impact on customers for every resource, image, route change, and API call with comprehensive visibility across all user sessions.