Splunk Synthetic Monitoring

Take a proactive approach to identifying and resolving performance issues across user flows, business transactions, and APIs in order to deliver enhanced digital experiences.

Splunk Synthetic Monitoring
How it works

Monitor performance from nearly 50 global locations

Find and fix, faster

Accelerate the detection, communication, and resolution of issues across webpages and APIs. Leverage end-to-end testing to proactively identify and address performance problems before they impact customers.

Visualize your customer experience

Evaluate the impact of new code or versions on your customer experience by utilizing film strips and video playback. Optimize the speed of delivering visual content, enhance page stability, and improve interactivity to ensure the deployment of superior digital experiences.

Optimize web performance

Measure and enhance performance throughout the entire user journey. Utilize benchmarks such as core web vitals and Google Lighthouse scoring, along with performance defect analysis recommendations, to effortlessly identify the most impactful issues affecting your customers.

Track and report SLOs and SLAs

Effortlessly measure and report on service-level agreements and objectives pertaining to uptime and performance. Compare your site’s performance against top competitors or industry standards for insightful benchmarking.


Splunk Synthetic Monitoring is Best-in-class 

Find, fix and prevent web performance issues from impacting your customers.

Uptime and performance tracking and reporting

Effortlessly measure, report, and create dashboards showcasing service level agreements (SLAs) for availability and performance, along with a comprehensive history of alerts.

Improved user journeys

Test and enhance page speed and functionality for all page resources, APIs, and third-party dependencies throughout your entire user journey.

Automated performance within dev pipelines

Automatically determine build pass/fail status based on performance budgets within your continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines.

Filmstrips, screenshots, recorded screen playback

See exactly how end users experience your site on web and mobile.

300+ optimization recommendations

Leverage guided, step-by-step performance recommendations to address defects and enhance the user experience throughout the entire customer journey.

Competitive benchmarking

Prioritize improvements by comparing your site’s performance to both competitors and industry standards.